William FitzGerald de Windsor

As mentioned, Gerald and Nesta had three sons, one of whom was William, the ancestor of the Keatings. William had possibly seven sons and a daughter:
  • Raymond de Gros, the oldest son, ancestor of the Earl of Kerry and the Graces, Redmonds and Carews. Raymond was by far the most important military leader during the invasion of 1169. He was appointed Viceroy of Ireland in 1176.
  • William FitzWilliam
  • Sylvester FitzWilliam, Bishop of St. David's
  • Henry FitzWilliam
  • Odo FitzWilliam de Carew, the ancestor of the Carews; inherited the lands and castles at Carew
  • John FitzWilliam Keating, the ancestor of all the Keatings in Ireland.
  • Mabelle FitzWilliam
  • John Keating, Ancestor of all the Keatings in Ireland
We find Keatings in Ireland in Wexford and Limerick Counties immediately after the first invasion of 1169. Old records indicate that the name Keating came from the name given John by the Irish he was fighting, (Ceith-teine, or sword/shower? of fire), because of the ferocity with which he attacked them. No record has yet been located concerning his later activities or when he died. Another belief is that the name came from Askeaton castle in Limerick, which was in the hands of his brother, Raymond de Gros, during and after the battles for Limerick, and which remained in possession of the Geraldines for centuries. Had John not chosen the name Keating, we would probably be known as the FitzJohns.

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