Research Ongoing by Robert Keating

Keating/Leary/Sullivan are a few of the names I'm researching on my dad's side. My mother's side are ancient Americans, /truly of the melting pot, and include Cosner, Bowen, Crotty, Desha, Whitehead, Parrish and Wright. I live in the best place on earth, the San Francisco Bay Area, but my heart will always be in my home state of Florida. My maternal grandfather was at least a third generation Floridian, which makes me a fifth.

My task is connecting the ancient John with the first of our line of Keatings to come to the US in about 1856, my great-grandfather Patrick, father of Dennis, grandfather of Robert, my father. The work continues in order to span the seven centuries. My initial research of the microfilm census records of June 2, 1880, from the Doak's District of Shelby County Kentucky, in the National Archives near San Francisco, chronicles the following:

Name Age Relationship Occupation Birthplace Father's BP Mother's BP
Patrick 40 head Farmer Ireland Ireland Ireland
Catherine 38 Wife Keeping House Ireland Ireland Ireland
Mike 21 Son Working on Farm Kentucky Ireland Ireland
John 19 Son " " " "
Patrick 17 Son Laborer " " "
Jerry 15 Son Working on farm " " "
Nora 13 Daughter At home " " "
James 10 Son " " " "
Mary 8 Daughter " " " "
Margaret 7 Daughter " " " "
Dennis 4 Son " " " "
William 2 Son " " " "
After 1880, they had three more children: Elizabeth, Julia and Cecily Lily (Lillian), for a total of thirteen. Seven sons and six daughters! Ironically, only five of the thirteen ever married, as best as I can tell: Dennis, my grandfather, (4 children), James, (4 children), Mary, (one child), Michael and Julia, who had no children. One census record from 1920 shows nine of the single or widowed surviving brothers and sisters living in Louisville, all in the same house at 2831 3rd St. Not many relatives of this line survive today, but I hope they’ll write and keep me informed of any new additions, or people I’ve missed.
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